Friday, April 30, 2010

Quilt Stash Giveaway

Here's how it works. I'm moving and clearing out years of "collected" books, accessories, stuff and more stuff. So for you, my dear 8 followers, I'll post everything as the packing days go by and if you want something tell me and I'll send it on its way.
If you're not a follower, and you happen upon me in my obscurity, you're invited to join in the free yard sale too.
There are some large hand-painted shabby chic pieces (not everything in my life is about fabric and art) but since the point is not to ship them 3500 miles, if you want them come get them.
Starting Saturday morning, first come first served!
love, sam


  1. Southern Cal is too far for me to drive over the weekend.

  2. Sigh...if I had only known I would have flown home to visit the fam!