Friday, April 23, 2010

Color addiction

I've been staring at this all week. It just hangs on the wall and I just stare. There are two blocks in the middle I really, really want to move. But I also really really don't want to tear all those edges apart again, my corners are so lovely.
I've got two new grandchildren who need quilts, six quilts promised to child protective services, another Kaffe ready for final block decisions, it's on the trimming table, a snowball Kaffe cut out and resting in a lovely hatbox, a French General quilt or three to make just for myself, a beautiful totebag to lug to quild if it ever gets handles, and I'm staring at a totally unnecessary batik. It is beautiful. Maybe that's enough.

Love, Sam


  1. That's what batiks are, beautiful, spirit uplifting. I wouldn't take it apart and move anything.

  2. That is beautiful