Friday, April 30, 2010

Quilt Stash Giveaway

Here's how it works. I'm moving and clearing out years of "collected" books, accessories, stuff and more stuff. So for you, my dear 8 followers, I'll post everything as the packing days go by and if you want something tell me and I'll send it on its way.
If you're not a follower, and you happen upon me in my obscurity, you're invited to join in the free yard sale too.
There are some large hand-painted shabby chic pieces (not everything in my life is about fabric and art) but since the point is not to ship them 3500 miles, if you want them come get them.
Starting Saturday morning, first come first served!
love, sam

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whisper Blue

This morning in church the pastor reminded us that everyone has a guardian angel who walks beside us and guides us as we go through life. Now, I've never been one to believe in white flowing robes and beautiful outstretched wings (though I do love the art). Earlier this morning a new blogger friend attributed his incredible artistic talent to his angels.
It came to me this evening, as Whisper was doing his rounds, checking all the doors, and tucking the family in, that I do indeed have a living guardian angel in my life. No one gives me a safer more loving acceptance than this dog. I am very grateful. love Sam

Friday, April 23, 2010

Color addiction

I've been staring at this all week. It just hangs on the wall and I just stare. There are two blocks in the middle I really, really want to move. But I also really really don't want to tear all those edges apart again, my corners are so lovely.
I've got two new grandchildren who need quilts, six quilts promised to child protective services, another Kaffe ready for final block decisions, it's on the trimming table, a snowball Kaffe cut out and resting in a lovely hatbox, a French General quilt or three to make just for myself, a beautiful totebag to lug to quild if it ever gets handles, and I'm staring at a totally unnecessary batik. It is beautiful. Maybe that's enough.

Love, Sam

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Working on this...

This is my test to see if my camera still works after 5 years in the desert and with a brand new usb cord, (I think some desert rat chewed the old one up).
I bought a lot of Kaffe at last month and have several quilts and projects in the works, but this is the first one and I'm eager to finish it and send it to GreenFairy so she can do her magic.
Today I'm working on cutting and sewing heartstrings blocks and will try to get some art posted as I go. Happy day --- Sam