Monday, March 15, 2010

just another day

... and then she said, hold on Sam, I think I have to go to the emergency room. My mother, as I was headed out the door this morning to look for some sky fabrics for my growing tiny house village. She's ok, blood pressure back to normal. and I had a great 4 hour visit at the hospital with my sister, my other sister, my aunt, my great niece and my NIL and her darling 6 year old.

And I got my Easter Basket delivered to Shoes that Fit in Claremont, My aunt and I created a wonderful gift for a fifth grade boy -- new breathable leather Adidas, sweat remover socks (six pair) the biggest Reeses Easter egg I've ever seen, A darling Seuss stuffed toy, assorted Easter goodies. And then I thought, why didn't I make him a pillowcase? Which I mentioned to my aunt, in the hospital lobby, and she said I'm sure that would be nice, but don't you think a quilt would be better?

so I hereby commit to 2 quilts for the Christmas Shoes that Fit. They try to supply 200 elementary children with new jackets and Christmas gifts. I think I'll ask for a boy and a girl so I can have the fun of making and buying for a girl for a change.

If you would like to make a pillowcase or a quilt for this program, leave me a note and I'll send you contact info. Good day, Sam

Sunday, March 7, 2010

And she did!

First IV Modern Quilt Quild Meeting

Here we are yesterday afternoon at the Quilters Coop in Temecula getting to know one another and enjoying talking story about each others work. Show and tell was amazing -- so many aspects of fresh modern textile art. Inspired me to spend most of today bent over my sewing machine or staring at the design wall.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Waiting for the Plumber

It's coming, I promise. I've almost learned to post art and customize this space a bit, so I should be up in a couple days. In the meantime, and, yes, it's been mean, I've got almost four quilts almost finished in the last three weeks. thanks to all of you wo have been stopping by, sorry I didn't have the coffee on. -- Sam