Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yard sale failure

Well, I tried, folks. I was gonna offer my beautiful silver Lincoln LS next, but with no takers on my free offerings, I'm sure that would be a waste too.
So, my sister in Upland will receive about 10 of the very big plastic tubs of crafting tools and paint and 2 sewing machines. My other sister has stepped forward for some of my gorgeous hand-painted furniture. My son is driving his truck 12 hours each way to collect some very large mirrors and antique furniture. I still have more than a dozen large art pieces to find a loving home for. And a marvelous walnut newspaper desk thought to have belonged to John Steinbeck.

And a little black dog.


  1. Really? You still have furniture that needs a home? What part of SoCal are you in? Send me a email if you have a chance, I may be able to help!

  2. Que pena de Saber Que maquinas de coser regalabas me habria anotado de Primera.